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Beyond Resveratrol®Beyond Resveratrol®ENHANCED FORMULA! Doctor’s Beyond Resveratrol® Skin Cream contains the Secret Ingredient "SOD" made famous by products containing French Melon Extracts. This single product may eliminate the need for using one or more expensive over-the-counter skin care products including: moisturizers, eye puffiness creams, wrinkle creams, age-spot creams, skin tightening creams, fine line creams and deep wrinkle creams.
Cardio Clear 180 CapsulesCardio Clear 180 CapsulesAssists the body in maintaining a healthy circulatory system.
D-Glucarate 120 CapsulesD-Glucarate 120 CapsulesAssists the metabolic breakdown and excretion of xenobiotics from the body. Click on product for more information. 
DermaTone 90 CapsulesDermaTone 90 CapsulesHerbs that support the bowel, liver, lymph and skin.
Doctor's Beyond Systemic EnzymesDoctor's Beyond Systemic EnzymesTraditional systemic enzymes are used in Central Europe, Germany and Japan for a variety of conditions including: arthritis, tissue and nerve damage, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, heart disease, leg pain, cancer, dementia, macular degeneration, diabetes and diabetic neuropathy, atrophied muscle and tissue, aging skin, leaky gut syndrome, and loss of energy and sex drive, just to name a few.
Doctor's Growth Hormone® Triple StrengthDoctor's Growth Hormone® Triple Strength

SO GOOD IT’S PATENTED!! Triple Strength Growth Hormone is rated number one by leading industry experts. This remarkable patented formula is the only product listed under GROWTH HORMONE THERAPY in the world renowned manual “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC and James F. Balch, M.D. (3rd 4th, 5th, 6th Editions). “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” is considered by the industry as the most factual, exacting, and reputable natural health manual available. Our natural Doctor's Growth Hormone is said to be by our customers the best known anti-aging, muscle recovery, and stimulator of faster muscle growth than any other products without the synthetic side effects. A natural alternative for those not wanting to use drugs. 

Doctor's Male Performance GelDoctor's Male Performance GelStop running on an empty tank and fill your tank with Doctor's Male Performance Gel. We improved our Doctor's Testosterone Alternative Gel outstanding formula and changed the name. For more information on this product look up the powerful ingredients listed and what they support. 
Doctors Growth Hormone Alternative Gel CreamDoctors Growth Hormone Alternative Gel Cream
A cream/gel named Doctor's Growth Hormone Alternative Gel® is also available for both men and women. The Doctor's Growth Hormone Alternative Gel is not a prescription drug and does not contain man made Human Growth Hormone. 
Doctors Just for Women LiquidDoctors Just for Women LiquidProvides support for balancing the female system; assisting with menstrual irregularities, PMS, menopausal symptoms, post-menopause, and diminished sexual desire. Relief from stress and anxiety, inability to sleep, lack of energy, recovery after strenuous activity or overwork, and relief from pain, lean muscle.
Doctors Male Performance LiquidDoctors Male Performance LiquidA Safe Natural Alternative To Prescription Testosterone And Prescription Drugs With No Adverse Side Effects. INDICATIONS FOR USE: Provides homeopathic support for balancing the male system; assisting with impotency, diminished sexual desire, performance, and vitality. Support for improved recovery after strenuous activity, maintenance of lean muscle, and with relief from joint pain/inflammation.
Doctors Male Performance Liquid AND GelDoctors Male Performance Liquid AND GelPROFESSIONAL HOMEOPATHIC SUPPORT FOR: Balancing of the Male System; Impotency, Diminished Sexual Desire, Performance, and Vitality. Support for Improved Recovery after strenuous activity, Lean Muscle Gain (with exercise), Relief from Joint Pain/Inflammation, Better Mood, Decreased body fat.
Doctors Testosterone Alternative GelDoctors Testosterone Alternative GelDoctors Testosterone Alternative Gel - PARABEN FREE Supports healthy life styles for men.... Stop running on an empty tank !
Herbal Hepaclenz 90 CapsulesHerbal Hepaclenz 90 CapsulesSynergistic herbs that support cleansing and detoxifying the liver.
Kidney Stim Liquescence 4oz BottleKidney Stim Liquescence 4oz BottleFor the temporary relief of minor nausea, changes in appetite, fatigue, disturbed sleep, muscle twitches, or cramps.
Liver Stim Liquescence 4oz BottleLiver Stim Liquescence 4oz BottleFor the temporary relief of minor abdominal pain or swelling, fatigue, irritability, constipation, loss of appetite, or low energy level.
Lung Stim Liquescence 4oz BottleLung Stim Liquescence 4oz BottleFor the temporary relief of shortness of breath, wheezing, cough, mild chest pain, or fatigue.
Lymph Stim Liquescence 4oz BottleLymph Stim Liquescence 4oz BottleFor the temporary relief of swelling of extremities, minor joint aches or discomfort, decreased flexibility, fatigue, or dry, itchy skin.
Metab 2oz bottle Professional FormulasMetab 2oz bottle Professional FormulasFor the temporary relief of difficulty maintaining proper weight, poor appetite, minor abdominal pain, bloating, increased urination, fatigue, or lethargy.* Glandular supplements. Professional Formulas glandular supplement.
MetexMetexFor the temporary relief of occasional headache, weakness or tiredness, minor joint or muscle aches, constipation, nausea or vomiting, or confusion due to sensitivity to or exposure to heavy metals.
Organic SilicaOrganic SilicaSkin, Hair, Nails, Collagen Production, Bones, Joints, Heart, Muscles, Blood Vessels and Arteries

R(+) Alpha Lipoid Acid 4oz Liquid BottleR(+) Alpha Lipoid Acid 4oz Liquid BottleHomeopathic support for regulation of lipoic acid. Professional Formulas Supplement.
R(+) Alpha Lipoid Acid 60 CapsulesR(+) Alpha Lipoid Acid 60 CapsulesA fat- and water-soluble antioxidant that may support healthy glucose levels and cognitive, cardiovascular, and nerve function.
Skin Balance Liquescence 4oz BottleSkin Balance Liquescence 4oz BottleFor the temporary relief of dry, irritated, red, or itchy skin. To read more click on the product. 
Uric Acid Combination 1oz BottleUric Acid Combination 1oz BottleFor the temporary relief of minor joint pain or swelling, occasional headache, runny nose, skin irritation, or nausea. Read more by clicking on product. 
Whole Body Detox LiquescenceWhole Body Detox LiquescenceWhole Body Detox Liquescence Glandular Supplements: For the temporary relief of fatigue, lethargy, headaches, muscle or joint pain, mild bloating or gas, disturbed sleep, or lack of concentration.



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