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   Our company has been bringing you the finest supplements for over 20 years enabling you to get the most out of life! Supplements come and go, it's time to try our patented and proven supplements that have lasted the test of time. 
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   Since 1995, Fountain of Youth Tech and Doctor's Relief have been dedicated to empowering healthier lives. Still a family-owned company today, we have a western distributor located in Phoenix Arizona and an eastern distributor located in Millersport, Ohio. Our manufacturing and testing laboratories are located in California, Indiana, and Washington. Our FDA registered labs allow for one of the highest levels of quality control in the natural products industry. Because of our belief that natural is best, Fountain of Youth and Doctor's Relief strives to use the best natural ingredients in our products, as opposed to synthetic. The majority of our product line is accessible to anyone following a specialty diet, offering many gluten free, kosher and vegan, items. Shop our vast product line including personal care products, fitness and energy supplements, ADD, ADHD, anti-aging creams, body building supplements, bone/joint, fibromayalia, sexual enhancement, testosterone boosters, weight loss and much more.

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Back To Balance®Back To Balance®

Back to Balance Brain Food "is a safe and effective alternative for children and adults who suffer from ADD/ADHD, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and more." Quoted from: "The ADD and ADHD Diet Book" by Best selling Author Dr. Howard Peiper.

Beyond Relief CreamBeyond Relief CreamUnlike typical counter-irritant pain creams that merely get hot or cold to distract your attention away from the pain, Doctor's Relief Cream is used to sooth inflamed muscles and tissues, rapidly reduce pain, relax tightness, and aid in the removal of built-up metabolic toxins in the tissues.
Beyond Resveratrol®Beyond Resveratrol®ENHANCED FORMULA! Doctor’s Beyond Resveratrol® Skin Cream contains the Secret Ingredient "SOD" made famous by products containing French Melon Extracts. This single product may eliminate the need for using one or more expensive over-the-counter skin care products including: moisturizers, eye puffiness creams, wrinkle creams, age-spot creams, skin tightening creams, fine line creams and deep wrinkle creams.
Beyond Testosterone® For MenBeyond Testosterone® For MenAfter eight years of clinical studies and worldwide research a natural product offering Low T support by addressing low testosterone, high estrogen, unwanted aromatase (male testosterone converting into estrogen), and prostate health has finally hit the market!
Doctor's Beyond Systemic EnzymesDoctor's Beyond Systemic EnzymesTraditional systemic enzymes are used in Central Europe, Germany and Japan for a variety of conditions including: arthritis, tissue and nerve damage, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, heart disease, leg pain, cancer, dementia, macular degeneration, diabetes and diabetic neuropathy, atrophied muscle and tissue, aging skin, leaky gut syndrome, and loss of energy and sex drive, just to name a few.
Doctor's Growth Hormone® Triple StrengthDoctor's Growth Hormone® Triple Strength

SO GOOD IT’S PATENTED!! Triple Strength Growth Hormone is rated number one by leading industry experts. This remarkable patented formula is the only product listed under GROWTH HORMONE THERAPY in the world renowned manual “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC and James F. Balch, M.D. (3rd 4th, 5th, 6th Editions). “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” is considered by the industry as the most factual, exacting, and reputable natural health manual available. Our natural Doctor's Growth Hormone is said to be by our customers the best known anti-aging, muscle recovery, and stimulator of faster muscle growth than any other products without the synthetic side effects. A natural alternative for those not wanting to use drugs. 

Doctor's Horny Goat Weed Formula®Doctor's Horny Goat Weed Formula®

IMPROVE YOUR SEX LIFE! One of our most popular products aids sexual enhancement and enjoyes 97% repeat orders! It's so good IT'S PATENTED! Available in 60 or 180 capsule quanity. Millions used by satisfied customers! ON SALE NOW!

Doctor's Libido Lift®Doctor's Libido Lift®

IMPROVE YOUR SEX LIFE! Aids SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT and enjoyes 97% REPEAT ORDERS! SO GOOD ITS PATENTED! Available in 60 or 180 capsule quanity. Millions used by satisfied customers!

Doctor's Male Performance GelDoctor's Male Performance GelStop running on an empty tank and fill your tank with Doctor's Male Performance Gel. We improved our Doctor's Testosterone Alternative Gel outstanding formula and changed the name. For more information on this product look up the powerful ingredients listed and what they support. 
Doctor's Sexual Performance Androgenic Hormone SupportDoctor's Sexual Performance Androgenic Hormone Support

Homeopathic support for impotency and diminished sexual desire and performance! Use to stimulate androgenic (male) hormones while inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogenic metabolites. A powerful remedy to increase strength, muscular development, and lean muscle gain. A single bottle can last up to 6 months!

Doctor's Skin Gel for MenDoctor's Skin Gel for MenOur skin care product is formulated to go “beyond” existing expensive skin care cosmetics and costly over-the-counter skin products to offer skin support to sun damaged, prematurely aged, wrinkled, or malnourished skin on the face, neck and body.
Doctor's Vaginal Dryness SupportDoctor's Vaginal Dryness SupportOUR NEWEST PRODUCT FOR WOMEN! 
Homeopathic support for vaginal dryness.
Doctors Just for Women LiquidDoctors Just for Women LiquidProvides support for balancing the female system; assisting with menstrual irregularities, PMS, menopausal symptoms, post-menopause, and diminished sexual desire. Relief from stress and anxiety, inability to sleep, lack of energy, recovery after strenuous activity or overwork, and relief from pain, lean muscle.
Doctors Just For Women Support CreamDoctors Just For Women Support Cream

Millions of concerned women desperately want natural alternatives to prescription HRT ( Prescription Hormone Replacement Therapy) as HRT has been shown to increase the risk of cancer. Informed and educated women who read product labels are deeply troubled and rightfully concerned that the progesterone hormone cream they buy in an attempt to achieve hormonal balance must by law list label disclosures stating that progesterone cream is known to be carcinogenic and has been shown to cause cancer. Many progesterone manufacturers try to minimize this serious risk of cancer.

Doctors Just For Women Support Liquid AND CreamDoctors Just For Women Support Liquid AND CreamPROFESSIONAL HOMEOPATHIC STRENGTH FOR: Provides support for balancing the female system; assisting with menstrual irregularities, PMS, menopausal symptoms, post-menopause, and diminished sexual desire. Relief from stress and anxiety, inability to sleep, lack of energy, recovery after strenuous activity or overwork, and relief from pain, lean muscle.
Doctors Male Performance LiquidDoctors Male Performance LiquidA Safe Natural Alternative To Prescription Testosterone And Prescription Drugs With No Adverse Side Effects. INDICATIONS FOR USE: Provides homeopathic support for balancing the male system; assisting with impotency, diminished sexual desire, performance, and vitality. Support for improved recovery after strenuous activity, maintenance of lean muscle, and with relief from joint pain/inflammation.
Doctors Male Performance Liquid AND GelDoctors Male Performance Liquid AND GelPROFESSIONAL HOMEOPATHIC SUPPORT FOR: Balancing of the Male System; Impotency, Diminished Sexual Desire, Performance, and Vitality. Support for Improved Recovery after strenuous activity, Lean Muscle Gain (with exercise), Relief from Joint Pain/Inflammation, Better Mood, Decreased body fat.



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