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Alka CalmAlka CalmAn easy to absorb, water-soluble form of magnesium and potassium for supplementing these minerals. Useful for buffering the body’s systems and alleviating symptoms associated with magnesium / potassium deficiencies.
Back To BalanceĀ®Back To BalanceĀ®

Back to Balance Brain Food "is a safe and effective alternative for children and adults who suffer from ADD/ADHD, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and more." Quoted from: "The ADD and ADHD Diet Book" by Best selling Author Dr. Howard Peiper.

CholestPlusCholestPlusHerbs that support the cleansing and strengthening of the cardiovascular and liver systems.
CoQ10 Advance 60 PerlesCoQ10 Advance 60 PerlesAntioxidant that assists the body in maintaining healthy immune and circulatory systems. 100% solubilized crystal-free form for enhanced bioavailability.
Doctor's Beyond Systemic EnzymesDoctor's Beyond Systemic EnzymesTraditional systemic enzymes are used in Central Europe, Germany and Japan for a variety of conditions including: arthritis, tissue and nerve damage, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, heart disease, leg pain, cancer, dementia, macular degeneration, diabetes and diabetic neuropathy, atrophied muscle and tissue, aging skin, leaky gut syndrome, and loss of energy and sex drive, just to name a few.
Immune System Stimulator DropsImmune System Stimulator DropsFor the temporary relief of sinus or nasal congestion, chills, minor aches or pains in muscles or joints, chills, occasional headache, or fatigue.
Magnesium Complex 180 CapsulesMagnesium Complex 180 CapsulesPure elemental magnesium used for supplementing these minerals and alleviating symptoms associated with deficiencies.
Neuro Medulla Complex 60 capsules Professional FormulasNeuro Medulla Complex 60 capsules Professional FormulasLyophilized medulla glandular with synergistic support. Brain tissue supplies a complex of cerebrum, medulla oblongata, hypothalamus, pineal, and transverse fiber tissues. Glandular supplements. Professional Formulas glandular supplement.
Serotonin Dopamine LiquescenceSerotonin Dopamine LiquescenceSerotonin Dopamine Liquescence Glandular Supplement: For the temporary relief of anxiousness, restlessness, feelings of sadness, excessive worry, poor concentration, or stress.
Tranquil Complex 60 capsules Professional Formulas Glandular SupplementTranquil Complex 60 capsules Professional Formulas Glandular SupplementLyophilized brain glandular with synergistic ingredients to relax smooth muscle, support neurotransmitters, and support the nervous system. Glandular supplements. Professional Formulas glandular supplement.



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