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   Our company has been bringing you the finest supplements for over 20 years enabling you to get the most out of life! Supplements come and go, it's time to try our patented and proven supplements that have lasted the test of time. 

Our Company


We go to extraordinary lengths to guarantee the quality and efficacy of every product. Evidence-Based Formulas

Raw Materials

We source some of the highest quality raw materials throughout the world and ensure they are harvested ethically and responsibly. Raw materials are tested for both identity and purity prior to use.

Ingredient Processing

All ingredients are carefully processed in order to maximize the purity, energy and/or bioactivity of the natural constituents. 

Excipients are only added to nutritional formulas in cases where they are necessary to ensure consistent mixing and delivery of active ingredients. Moreover, these materials are carefully chosen to minimize patient sensitivity, maximize safety, and optimize bioavailability and dose consistency of active ingredients. 

Manufacturing and Testing

Our nutritional products are manufactured in an NSF-certified, GMP-compliant facility while our homeopathic remedies are all hand-succussed in a FDA-registered OTC drug facility, which is held to even higher GMP standards. We are among a very small number of natural medicine companies that have been FDA-inspected for GMP compliance under the OTC drug regulations. Every batch of finished product is tested to ensure consistency with our rigorous standards.


Each label accurately reflects the active and inactive ingredients in the product on which it is affixed. Our labels describe supplement facts based on a True Single Serving, meaning that ingredient amounts are based on one tablet, capsule, or perle - whereas many other companies list supplement facts based on 2-6 capsules. As a result, our labels have more integrity and our formulas are easier to evaluate. Gluten-free, vegetarian, organic, and hypoallergenic formulas are clearly indicated when applicable.


The real measure of quality for any natural medicine is effectiveness. That is why we gather clinical feedback from practicing customers and monitor product usage to ensure that our formulas are effective tools for the practitioners we serve. 


   Since 1995, Fountain of Youth Tech and Doctor's Relief have been dedicated to empowering healthier lives. Still a family-owned company today, we have a western distributor located in Phoenix Arizona and an eastern distributor located in Millersport, Ohio. Our manufacturing and testing laboratories are located in California, Indiana, and Washington. Our FDA registered labs allow for one of the highest levels of quality control in the natural products industry. Because of our belief that natural is best, Fountain of Youth and Doctor's Relief strives to use the best natural ingredients in our products, as opposed to synthetic. The majority of our product line is accessible to anyone following a specialty diet, offering many gluten free, kosher and vegan, items. Shop our vast product line including personal care products, fitness and energy supplements, ADD, ADHD, anti-aging creams, body building supplements, bone/joint, fibromayalia, sexual enhancement, testosterone boosters, weight loss and much more.



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