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Metamorphic rock healing: The manner by which metamorphic rocks have been formed essentially mirrors life. While they carry energy and life, their character is defined and polished every time they undergo transformation. The resilience they have in bearing with the changes posed by the changes in the earth is symbolic of how people survive with the present struggles, conflict and tension they suffer in this life. Metamorphic rock healing unleashes the power that these stones have to bring about wellness and inner peace. It encourages our growth by assisting us in making realizations out of our circumstances in life.

Metamorphic rock healing works with a principle that promotes the transformation process. It encourages us to strengthen our character through everything that we face in our daily lives. In the matter of healing, it brings about change into a new form that is not just on the outside but inside out. The resilience and strength and adaptability shown by metamorphic rocks, finds a way to influence and guide you in your spiritual journey in facing the constant battles in life. It may be a physical struggle with an illness or a problem dealing with your current circumstance. No matter what your conflict may be, metamorphic rocks symbolize hope and healing to our pains and joys of coping with life.

By taking in the energies of various colors, your body starts healing with each breath. Anticipate healing properties entering your ailing body and clearing out the cause of your illness. This is the kind of treatment that your body needs to heal naturally.
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