Bio of Dr. Charles A. Mesko

Dr. Charles A. Mesko N.D., President of Fountain of Youth Technologies, Inc., Photo of Dr. Mesko and Doctor's Relief, LLC, is a renowned industry educator, scientist and patent holder in the field of Homeopathic Medicine. Dedicated to creating natural products for improving the quality of life, Dr. Mesko enjoys an international reputation for cutting-edge research, development, and formulation of extremely safe and effective homeopathic products; several of which have been featured in many industry-leading publications. 

Among his many successes, Dr. Mesko was awarded a U.S. Federal Patent for inventing Doctor's Growth Hormone® Triple Strength, an effective and safe oral HGH herbal capsule supplement. Having designed the unique capsule coating which allowed the product to by-pass destructive stomach acid, he solved the absorption problem that had plagued herbal healers for centuries. Receiving this patent was quite an accomplishment considering it is extremely rare for an herbal product to garner such legitimacy. It has proven to be a great success, and is the only natural product listed under Growth Hormone Therapy in the world renowned Prescription For Nutritional Healing, Third Edition (now Fifth Edition) by James F. Balch, M.D. And Phyllis A. Balch, CNC. The leading publication of its kind, it is referred to by physicians and health professionals throughout the world and is sold in virtually every health food store and leading bookstore in the U.S.  

Dr. Mesko is also widely recognized for formulating many other industry leading herbal supplements including being credited by the natural foods industry for introducing the benefits

of the Chinese herb Epimedium (also known as Horny Goat Weed) to American doctors, consumers, and the retail market. Products containing Epimedium are now found in almost every health food store, drug store, and giant retailer across North America. Today, a consumer cannot review a heath product website or turn on the television without seeing products containing this beneficial herb.

Dr. Mesko then took on the challenge of improving the absorption of existing oral homeopathic medicine, and invented an exciting new class of transdermal homeopathy. This exciting discovery features a new level of absorption that is superior to orally administered pills, capsules, and liquids. By being topically administered through a transdermal delivery system, both of these products are also able to by-pass destructive stomach acid, as well as the digestive system's normal filtering by the liver. Medical science has proven that the liver's natural filtering of all ingested substances renders most drugs and supplements much less effective and often completely ineffective. Due to his break through research and development of these products, Dr. Mesko is credited by his colleagues and acknowledged by his peers as the inventor of Transdermal Homeopathy.

Dr. Charles A. Mesko is currently focused on, and continues his dedication to the development of improved delivery systems for natural products that will forward his mission to enhance, improve, and prolong the quality of all our lives.



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