Natural Arousal Cream for sexual enhancement!

2 oz jar


Natural Arousal is the natural and safe way to assure male performance problems.  Inadequate erections can be an embarrassment and annoyance and can occur in virtually anyone.  This breakthrough product revolutionizes male sexual performance without the side effects and the pre-planning necessary with the expensive prescription drug.

Erections are produced when blood flows into the penis.  This blood flow is naturally under the control of nitric oxide.  The active ingredient of Natural Arousal, L-Arginine is the same substance used by the body itself to produce nitric oxide.

L-Arginine is a natural amino acid which is necessary for normal body function including the production of erections for normal sexual function.  It is not made by the body and is usually obtained through the food we eat. Natural Arousal contains L-Arginine which comes from grain products such as soy bean and corn.  The natural L-Arginine is delivered through the skin of the penis when Natural Arousal is applied by our patented Transfermal delivery system on Fugacity.  Simply put, L-Arginine is in an uncomfortable environment in the cream and is much happier in the tissue of the penis.  It therefore moves from the cream into the penis tissue where it is converted into nitric oxide and this brings about an erection by naturally bringing blood into the penis.

The Nitric Oxide story
The role of nitric oxide in controlling blood flow was only recently discovered.  This discovery won the 1998 Nobel Prize.

Nitric Oxide turns on an important enzyme which produces cyclic guanosine monophosphate (c-GMP). c-GMP then relaxes the smooth muscle of the blood vessels allowing more blood to flow into the tissue.  The result, in the case of application of L-Arginine by using Natural Arousal is the production of natural and optimal erection.

 Natural Arousal only increases blood flow to the penis as that is where it is applied.  The rest of the body remains functioning normally.  Since it is applied to just the penis it doesn’t give you the side effects of prescription medications.

Natural Arousal is the preferred agent for restoration and maintaining optimal erections.  Daily use and use just minutes before sexual activity removes the anxiety from male performance.

Best used with number one selling Doctor's Testostrone Gel.

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